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The Department of Computer was established in 1991 in the College of Science to offer a 4-year bachelor program and a 3-year diploma program in Computer Science. Later, the diploma program was upgraded to a 4-year bachelor program in Computer and Information Systems. In 2001 the department offered a postgraduate conversion diploma program and a masterís degree program in Computer Science. The department was designated as a Center of Excellence in Information Technology by the Computer Studies Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2001. Under the United Nations Development Program/ Regional Bureau for Arab States (UNDP /RBAS) Project RAB/01/002: ďEnhancement of Quality Assurance and Institutional Planning in Arab UniversitiesĒ, the two bachelor degree programs of the department were reviewed in 2002 by the UK-based Quality Assurance Agency in Higher Education (QAA/HE), and were found to conform with international academic standards and provide acceptable quality of learning opportunities. In 2002 the department was upgraded to the College of Computer Science and Information Technology. Currently, the college offers four bachelor programs, two masterís degree programs, and a PhD program.