Accurate one-end fault location for overhead transmission lines in interconnected power systems


By Amir A. A. Eisa , K. Ramar.


This paper presents a new one-end fault location method for overhead transmission lines embedded in a general n-bus interconnected power system. High accuracy in fault location is achieved by using both an accurate distributed parameters model for the faulted transmission line, and a two-bus Thevenin equivalent network model for the power system that accurately accounts for its interconnectivity. The method has been tested using transient fault data obtained from PSCAD/EMTDC simulations of an 11-bus interconnected power system. The results obtained indicate that the method is capable of estimating the fault distance with high accuracy for various fault conditions. They also indicate that method is sensitive to errors in the value of the local bus impedance, but is insensitive to errors in the value of the remote bus impedance.